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For an open knowledge-based society: OpenMusicContest #4

Application from June 25, 2008 to July 15, 2008

Since June 25, 2008 the application process for the forth OpenMusicContest (OMC), organzied by the students' union executive committee of the Philipps-University in Marburg/Germany, is running. The contest about freedom of culture is considered one of the biggest real life events of the Creative Commons Community and will take place for the first time in summer.


"With music we are aiming to raise the society's awareness of consequences regarding copyright in the digital information era", said M.eik Michalke, initiator of the OMC.

Bands of all genres can participate till July 15, 2008 – stylistic diversity is appreciated. Central term of conditions is: the application title has to be published under the Creative Commons Licence: The music is "free" and can be copied, changed or even used commercially, depending on the chosen licence.

"These open licences enable an easy circulation of cultural content as music and draw attention to artists and their productions", emphasized Christoph Scheid, member of the organization team.

"We offer attractive prices for the musicians to take part: They can win a big performance previous to a famous haedliner. Furthermore we will publish a popular sampler with the best replys", explained Marcel Hennes from the organization team.

The last years' free offered promo-samplers were published as a high quality DigiPaks. It will also be published as a magazine-cd at "LinuxUser".

"Music is a good example to understand how open culture is working. This principle can be also applied to texts, movies, pictures or scientific papers – it is there called Open Access", added Nicole Ebber, who was nominated as the first OMC ambassador and held several speeches and workshops concerning Creative Commons.

The OMC concert will be held on October 17, 2008, in Marburg/Germany. Unlike the last three years the lecture building cannot be used for constructural reasons. We will therefore switch to one or more alternatives in Marburg. Details will be published later on. More information about the OMC#4 and more links you can find on the contest homepage:


Since 2005 the OpenMusicContest is arranged by the students' union executive committee of the Philipps-University in Marburg on a yearly basis. It is supported by Creative Commons Germany, Creative Commons International,, LinuxUser,, and newthinking network. is an official node of the international CC-network Unfortunetely, we can't afford to fly in bands from all over the world, that is, right now the contest is limited to bands from Germany. Please contact us, if you can help in organising an OMC in your country as well.


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OMC#3 und #4 liefen unter der Schirmherrschaft des Creative Commons-Initiators Prof. Lawrence Lessig: »I am a very strong supporter of the Open Music Contest ...« [mehr]

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